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About Us

Our Organization

Omviser is an all-in-one online solution for personalized mentorship needs in higher education admission. Our platform provides the opportunity for students to find a personal mentor who believe in their potential and who can help them easily maneuver through college and graduate school applications with a professional touch.

Our Mission

We believe that as a global community, everyone should have equal access to education and mentorship irrespective of their backgrounds. We also believe that someone’s journey and process is as much important than output. So, we’re doing our part in finding like-minded people who are interested in becoming a part of our students’ journey and help each other achieve by acts of giving and sharing. We want to make sure that our platform is inclusive of all students from around the world, regardless of their socio-economic and geographical backgrounds.

Who we are

Our founders who are a group of learning enthusiasts, researchers, and changemakers spent hours developing and designing the optimal mentoring platform for students. Here’s how:

Initially, as learning enthusiasts from the global south we started thinking how impactful could mentoring be for all students if there was no geographical boundaries. We traced the history of successful people and learned the benefits of mentorship those people had in determining their success. We also debated on what we thought were some of the immediate factors that prevented students from obtaining a mentor. We found that privilege (legacy, wealth distribution, birthstamp etc), difficulty in initiating connections, lack of trust in new mentor-mentee relationships, inability to afford expensive mentoring services, and other cultural or geographical barriers are some of the immediate hurdles in leveraging such opportunities. So, we sought out to find solutions to help minimize this gap and design a platform that provides conversion of different forms of capital in one’s life.

  • symbolic (accumulation of honor and prestige),
  • cultural (knowledge, competencies, and credentials),
  • social (social networks that one employs to improve social standing), and
  • economic (wealth or monetary awards).

Through research we learned that having social support significantly increases various educational and career outcomes on protégés’ career by means of actually achieving goals in place of just setting them. Additionally, past studies in mentoring have also gone to suggest that disadvantaged or economically challenged students in particular are being ‘left behind’ and will continue to be left behind if we continue to deprive them from receiving mentoring. We don’t want anyone to take a back seat. Thus, in working extensively in prestigious science and education labs around the world, our founders applied their interests in Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence technologies to design and develop a mentorship platform that is resourceful, accessible on multiple mediums, affordable, trustworthy and, AI driven.

How Omviser works

  1. Omviser allows any qualified candidate to register themselves as mentors or mentees. We have mechanisms put in place to make sure that mentors are credible and verified, and that they are incentivized properly for their time and effort.
  2. Using state-of-the-art machine learning and profiling techniques, our platforms algorithmically match mentees with mentors in a scale-free meaningful relationship.
  3. Mentees enjoy flexibility in finding a range of mentors based on their preferences including, but not limited to- rating, time zone, education level, or price that they can afford (some mentors are also willing to serve pro-bono).
  4. Our system relies on two levels of feedback - machine level feedback and human feedback. This ensures that each individual gets a 360 degree assessment to their needs without having to leave our system.
  5. Our AI driven technology in addition to implementing human-in-the-loop framework enhances the quality of feedback tailored to reach student which helps us to sustain our platform at the scale of thousands of mentors and mentees.

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