Proof that Anyone Can Graduate from College Debt-free AND with Money in the Bank

April 4, 2019
Maya Mundell

You’ve heard about those extreme “couponers,” right? You know, those people who cover their entire shopping bill with coupons and are sometimes even paid at the end of the transaction? Yeah, I’m not kidding—“Extreme Couponing” is an American TV show highlighting this strange reality. People who have learned how to master the coupon game have found a way to cover all of their expenses and even get PAID just by using coupons.

So what’s the point? Why am I talking about extreme couponing? Well, just like anyone can cover all of her shopping and get paid for being a coupon user, any student can cover all of her educational expenses and get paid by using scholarships and other types of student funding. Take Canadian-born Amanda Reaume for example; she graduated debt-free and saved 40,000 dollars before graduation by earning scholarships, taking advantage of student resources and opportunities, and living frugally. You could also check out Derrius Quarles , he won over one million dollars in scholarships and graced the Chicago Tribune with his amazing story of trial and triumph. Let’s not forget Shark Tank star, Christopher Gray—he earned 1.3 million dollars in scholarships and created the mobile app “ Scholly ” to help other students find money for college as well. I can’t forget to mention the impressive Ariana Alexander who was awarded a whopping 3 million dollars in scholarships! That’s right, THREE MILLION. And of course, you can always ask little ol’ me. I earned over 1 million in scholarships and you can learn how I did it by checking out my free PDF guide “Be Free After Graduation” below. Okay, so these real life examples of scholarship success should be enough proof that anyone, including you , can graduate from university debt-free and with a small fortune. There are countless ways that students are funded and get paid. Here’s a list of some common sources of student funding:

Scholarships Fellowships Grants Financial aid Internships Summer academic/research programs (many offer stipends) Work-study Student promotional deals and special offers Participation in university experiments and testing Opportunities that allow students to create and develop their own jobs/internships and sources of funding

Keep a look out for these types of student funding and stick around the Get In, Get Paid community to learn more about how to play the scholarship game so well that you too will graduate debt-free and with money in the bank.

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