Use Your Location To Get Scholarships

April 4, 2019
Maya Mundell

We all know that scholarships aren’t always easy to get, but they are the best type of financial aid. Searching for scholarships can be a great task as well; knowing where to look, what to look for, and what to avoid is crucial. So below, you’ll find some concrete advice for searching and applying for scholarship awards worldwide.

Search for Scholarships In your Location One way to catch the most awards or to get the widest selection of scholarship awards would be to search the overall scholarships (private or government-backed) that are offered in the region where you are from and where you are studying. For instance, if you’re going to study in Germany, you may find that there are several award opportunities available for international students who are studying at a German university (studying at the university level in Germany is nearly free, by the way ;-)). At the early stage of looking for a award, it’s best to start with a wider selection, that way you are able to have a larger number of awards to apply for, and a higher possibility of receiving funding.   The Need To Know:

Several awards can be used to students around the entire country, province, or city you are planning to study in. You will find that many are useful for students no matter which university they attend or discipline they examine. Local companies, non-profit or firms will often sponsor their own scholarships. These are separate from the agencies and the government awards, and are designed to support students within their own industry. Understand that some federal or national awards require students to be citizens first. While some countries do give federal awards constructed specifically for foreign students, you are able to still want to be sure to check your eligibility in each award. Do not feel that you should limit yourself in your applications. Applying to scholarships is free (any scholarship application that requires an application fee is a scam). So make sure to apply to as many awards as possible. If you search well and wide for scholarships, you are sure to come across many awards that you will be eligible for; apply to any of the ones that you qualify for!