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We are here to help you. Find most frquently asked questions here.

  • General

  • What is the difference between a mentor and an independent educational consultant?

    Mentors are international students who are currently enrolled in an American university and are willing to share their experiences regarding the college admissions process. Independent Educational Consultants, on the other hand, are more experienced  who hold educational consulting experience, carrer coaching, etc and are willing to support our students with their services.

  • How long is the mentorship period?

    The admission season lasts about a year, beginning in early June and ending late next May.


  • Are mentorship (being a mentor or a mentee) services limited to only international students?

    Mentorship services are available to any high school student, but are mostly targeted towards international students who undergo the immigration process, visa preparations, international standardized testing, and more.


  • What is omviser?

    omviser is an Ed-Tech online platform that connects U.S college based peer mentors and  professional college consultants to international high school students that are seeking support throughout the college admissions process.

  • How do I apply to help?

    Once you have created an account, sign up as a Mentor, Mentee, or Professional Consultant and complete your application.

  • Who can sign up as peer mentors or independent educational consultants?

    Peer mentors are international students who are currently enrolled in a U.S. accredited university. Independent educational consultants are professionals who have experience in the career coaching, counseling, or education industry and hold appropriate certifications.

  • What happens next when I submit my info?

    When your application is completed, we will reach out to you with more details once we’ve found a match - OR - You can navigate through the mentor/mentee detail pages and connect to individuals of your choice